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About Car Title Loans

Car title loans make it possible for someone in a tight financial bind to obtain quick money for a short period of time. In most cases, the amount of money received through a car title loan is just enough to help survive hard times. The amount of the loan depends upon the overall value of the car. Most title loans are short term and are required to be paid within a shorter term than other types of loans.  Title loans are safe, reliable, and fast, especially from Best Title Loans San Diego.

How Auto Title Loans Work

To receive a title loan, the borrower gives the lender the title to his or her vehicle, such as a car, truck or motorcycle. In exchange, a loan for up to 50 percent of the value is granted. In order to qualify for this type of secured loan, the vehicle must be completely paid off and an extra key needs to be given to the lender along with the vehicle’s title.


Besides having quick access to money, there are other advantages to securing a title loan. Here are some of the advantages:

Quick: Applications generally take only a day to process and money is available immediately upon approval, often times the say day.

Availability: Everyone with a qualifying car (meaning it is paid off and the title is available) are approved for title loans (see other documentation required).

Bad credit: No problem! Regardless of credit scores, all auto title loans are approved if you meet the other requirements.

Terms: The terms for these types of loans are generally short, meaning the loan is paid off fast, making it possible for the borrower to keep their car with no worries.

Keep Your Vehicle: During the term of the loan, borrowers are able to keep their cars without any disruption in their daily routines.

Finding a loan

When shopping around for an auto loan ask each lender for a detailed quote, including terms, loan amount and conditions of the loan.  Google and Yelp are great resources for finding a lender, but be sure to call them on the phone to ask about their rates and terms before driving down to their location.

Application process

The application process for a car title loan is rather simple. Many companies, including Best Title Loans San Diego, are now offering online applications for these types of loans. Information needed to process the title loan include personal information, such as name, address, phone and social security number. Vehicle information, including make, model, color, VIN, mileage and insurance information will also be needed to process the application.

Once approved, the lender will accept the borrower’s spare car key and title. The borrower will walk away with all the money needed to take care of whatever situation has affected his or her financial life.

Erase Debt with Car Title Loan Consolidation

Even well-intentioned people may still find themselves in difficult financial positions. Credit card debts, unexpected high cell phone or utility bills, even medical bills can increase financial and emotional stress. Perhaps a consolidation loan would help ease the pressure. In these circumstances however, getting a traditional loan may be time consuming and the clock is ticking. Because of credit challenges, a consolidation loan may not even possible. Credit cards may be maxed and there may seem there is no place to turn. It is a problem many are not comfortable talking with friends or family about.

There may be help.

Car title loans may be able to provide the funds needed to get back on track.

What Are Car Title Loans?

Car title loans use the title of a car as equity in securing the money needed. The loans are approved on the value of the car, not on a credit rating. In fact, no credit check is even required. Car title loans are an easy, simple way to get funds using the title of a motor vehicle.

Poor credit, bad credit, even bankruptcies are not a problem with car title loans. It is a way in which many in San Diego and Southern California are discovering to rebound from financial issues.

How Can You Use Your Auto Title Loan?

You choose how you want to use the cash from your car title loan. Car title loans can be used to pay down an auto loan, a credit card payment, utility bill or any other purpose you see fit. It is your money, you decide!

Can I Use My Car Title Loan to Consolidate My Bills?

Absolutely! In fact, many find that is the BEST use of an Auto Title Loan. When you use your car title loan to consolidate your bills, you will have only one payment to repay. That payment will likely be less than the combined payments you are currently trying to keep up with.

When you use your car title loan to consolidate your bills, it can give you a fresh beginning. You can start again and manage your car title loan responsibly.

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Finding a Trustworthy Lender in San Diego

When it comes to finding fast access to cash, typically people look for credit card advances, payday loans, or car title loans. Although credit advances can be a lifesaver in certain situations, many people fail to realize that car title loans serve the same purpose as credit card advances, and better yet, they tend to be accompanied with much lower interest rates.

As you start your search for a title loan lender in San Diego, it's imperative that you acquire services from one that you can trust.

Check References

Does the lender have any references? If so, contact them. If no references can be provided, this is a good sign that no one else has had good luck with the lender. References can usually be identified by contacting the title lender or by looking on the lender's website.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

Title loan lenders in San Diego should be listed on the Better Business Bureau's website. By visiting the site, you can quickly identify whether or not the lender is worth acquiring services from. You'll be able to see whether or not any complaints have been filed against the lender as well as if the lender appropriately responded to the complaints.

Online Reputation

With a quick search on the Internet, you can check the reputation of a car title loan lender across a wide range of review sites. Make sure to check with several review sites, and always keep in mind that it's not uncommon for you to come across complaints; however, you need to make sure the good testimonials far outweigh the bad ones.

What are the Rates and Fees?

You don't want to acquire services from a title loan lender in San Diego that charges you an outrageous interest rate. Sure, your rate is probably going to be a bit higher than one you could get through a traditional bank, but you can typically get cash the same day, and no credit checks are required. Before you sign any contract with a car title loan lender, make sure you are aware of the terms and fees.

Finding a car title loan lender in San Diego that you can trust isn't as hard as you might think, but it's always important to be cautious. By following the tips mentioned above, you can rest assured you will be well on your way to finding a lender that is trustworthy. Just remember, if something doesn't seem right about the loan you're acquiring, chances are there is something wrong.  You can always call us with questions at 619-867-0601.

When Are Car Title Loans Best Used?

Car title loans have been around for quite a while, and there is a reason for that. Car title loans provide a necessary service to individuals with specific needs. So when is it a good idea to look into this type of loan option?

Urgent Financial Expenses

Everything in life cannot be planned for. There are certain times in life when individuals need extra cash and they need it quickly. Things such as necessary appliances breaking down, car repairs or home maintenance issues are just a few types of expenses that can pop up out of now where. Establishing an emergency fund is a good idea which can help you in times like these, but what do you do if even your emergency fund is not going to be enough to cover the unexpected expense? People need a way to get necessary cash quickly and honestly without needing to worry about the hassle of credit checks. Car title loans provide people with this option.

Unplanned for Medical Expenses

Our health is one of our greatest assets, but unfortunately sometimes our health insurance plans fall a bit short of what we truly need them to be. When insurance is not enough to cover needed medical treatment, a car title loan could help you make up the difference. Dental work is one area of our overall health that many people struggle to keep up with. Some dental work cannot wait though, and cash on hand is the only solution. A car title loan can ensure that you get the treatment you need.

Short Term Cash Needs

Sometimes in life there may be things that we simply want to do. Perhaps there is not some urgent pressing need, but we simply want to do something special. When an individual knows that they can pay back their car title loan in a short amount of time, then this is a great option to give yourself a little extra cash quickly for something fun or special. Some of these might include a family vacation, or having a little extra at Christmas time. These may not seem like urgent needs, but if you are sure you can pay back your car title loan quickly, then this is a great option for you.

Car title loans in San Diego are similar to other types of loans in that you are using something as collateral against the money you are borrowing. However, car title loans differ in that the loan is based entirely on that collateral and not you credit score or credit history. Car title loans are intended to be paid back quickly so that the interest rates do not cause an additional hardship on the borrower.

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